sportalspace Girls Game Recap: Eagles Landing 50, Union Grove 27

By: Anma Onyeuku – sportalspace contributor

The sportalspace girl’s basketball Game of the Week in Atlanta is Eagle’s Landing 50-27 win over Union Grove at Eagle’s Landing High School. Union Grove’s zone defense was strong, but was ultimately not enough to stop the Lady Golden Eagles, who had the energy and the fight in each quarter to build and sustain their lead. They jumped to a 27-13 halftime lead and never looked back. Constantly fighting to get to the rim, fouls were an issue for both teams and both found themselves in the bonus early. McDonough was able to take advantage while Union Grove was unable to convert those free throw attempts into points.

Lady Golden Eagles senior Ashley Foster was a key factor in Tuesday’s win. Her explosiveness on both ends of the court helped lead her team to their victory. Eagle’s Landing had some other key players in their arsenal like senior Kiera Howard, who was a spark both offensively and defensively. Eagle’s Landing now advances to a record of 4-2 and their next competition will be at Dutchtown on Friday, December 1st. Union Grove snapped a 3-game winning streak and falls to 3-2 with their next game Friday against Hampton.


Meet Anma Onyeuku – sportalspace contributor

Anma joined the sportalspace team in 2017.  Anma has been involved with basketball most of her life, and she had a distinguished playing career.  She played professionally for three-years in Spain with Club Baloncesto Adareva Tenerife and ADBA Basketball Club.  Anma played her college ball at Hoftsra University in New York.  As a senior, she played in all 31 games and averaged 10.4 points and 6.1 rebounds in conference play.  Anma played high school basketball at Fayette County High School, where she was Fayette County Player of the Year.

Meet some of Atlanta’s top basketball trainers

Atlanta is home to some of the best youth and high school basketball in the country.  These trainers and their facilities stand out as some of the leaders for basketball training in the city. Each of these programs are at the top of their game when it comes to helping athletes improve.

Coach Bo BellBo Bell Basketball Academy – Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta, Georgia

To begin with, Coach Bell is the CEO of Bo Bell Basketball Academy. His full name, Norris “Bo” Bell, may be familiar to NBA fans. Bell signed on to the Atlanta Hawks as a free agent in 1983 and went on to play with the Ohio Mixers, based in Lima, Ohio. Afterwards, Bell spent a large part of his career, 13 years, in Europe playing basketball. As a result, Bell returned with new knowledge and the drive to help athletes climb to the heights of their potential.  He has led efforts with local programs and championship teams. In fact, Coach Bell was named “the number one playground legend” by the Atlanta Journal Constitution in 1990, showing his heavy ties to the city where he now trains athletes.

To learn more about Coach Bell and the Bo Bell Basketball Academy visit his website:

Michael & Charles Pack Double Trouble Training LLC – Norcross, Georgia

The Packs are both founders of Double Trouble Training and together each of them serves as elite skill coaches within their organization. Michael has worked with top college athletes throughout the country, including Rayshaun Hammonds (University of Georgia). Charles also reaches for the stars, having won a National Championship at Tennessee Preparatory Academy. Currently, Charles is an assistant coach at Norcross High School where he oversees the majority of player development workouts. Together, this dynamic duo seeks to inspire and help athletes grow into their best selves. For more info about the Packs and their programs visit:

Robert Swain – Swain Basketball Academy – Lithonia, Georgia

Coach Robert Swain heads up the Swain Basketball Academy.  A native of Atlanta, he played with the powerhouse AAU program the Atlanta Celtics while in high school. While playing college basketball for UConn, Swain was part of a Big East Championship winning team that made it into the Elite Eight in the NCAA March Madness tournament. Swain finished his college playing days at College of Charleston, then he went on to play professionally in Europe. After returning home, Swain began to hold free training for children in the community, usually teaching large classes. Coach Swain has continued to inspire members of the Atlanta area and seeks to improve his players at every turn. To learn more about Coach Swain and his academy follow this link:

Jammar Stegall & Chuck Jones – The L.A.B. – South Atlanta, Georgia

Serving the southside of town, Coach J and Coach Chuck look to fulfill athletes’ potential on the court. The L.A.B. otherwise known as “Learning About Basketball” offers a range of camps and training academies to accomplish just this. Coach J has assisted with the Atlanta Celtics travel basketball program and consulted with local high schools. His passion and drive help push athletes to their limits and more than one of his students has reached college and pro levels. Coach Chuck began coaching for the All-Ohio Red Youth Basketball program. He has also assisted with many other high school teams and individual players over 25 years and serves as the Vice President of L.A.B. as well as Program Coordinator of the D-Favors Celtics Youth Basketball Program. Discover more about the L.A.B. at:

I run a travel basketball team. Do I need insurance?

The answer is ‘YES’, every team should have their own insurance policy. This is important for coaches, players, and anyone else involved in the day-to-day activities of your team. Insurance is an invaluable resource for anyone managing a sports team, in fact, most facilities require a team to have insurance before they are allowed to use a venue. So, whether it is just a team practice, or a championship game, insurance is necessary to cover your team and the facility you are using.

There are three easy options for finding the insurance that best suits your needs.

First: The AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) is one of the most recognizable and accessible ways to acquire insurance.  In fact, their insurance program is included within membership to the AAU. Their program is comprehensive and covers the well-being of coaches, operators, and even spectators. The membership can be paid for individuals, athletes and non-athletes, for a variety of sports. In order to have coverage outside of AAU events, you want to sign up for their Added Benefit (AB) coverage.  The cost for basketball is $18 for your program and then $27.50 for each player.  This covers your AAU registration for events and also the Added Benefit coverage.  For a breakdown of fees outside of basketball, check out their website:

Second:  YBOA (Youth Basketball of America) also offers insurance to teams that are looking for it. Like with the AAU, YBOA also embeds insurance coverage into membership, allowing you access to insurance for both coaches and players. The membership only costs $79.00 per season and covers up to 12 players, additional players can be added for $10.00 each. Look at their website for more information: Additional fees of $25/site are charged to cover liability for practice locations.

Third: There are other third-party opportunities to acquire insurance. Many companies provide this service and the prices remain comparable to the national organizations. However, this is not included with membership to further sports events like the YBOA or AAU, but the coverage is just as important. For example: Chapell Insurance Agency is a perfect place to find insurance with a wide range of deductibles and options to fit your team’s budget. The cost for a basketball team is $95 for the season.  You can find more info on their website:

Remember, when it comes to sports you can never be too safe, and insurance is one of the main things you do not want to be without. Reach out to one of these websites and ensure the safety of your athletes today!

Want to learn about renting gym space for your team’s practice or training. Check out

How do I rent a school gym?

Many travel basketball teams look to rent gyms from a school. They have some of the most attractive rental options, with most high schools having at least a main and an auxiliary gym to choose from.  But what does it take to rent a gym in a school?

Schools typically have rules set for them by the school district they are a part of.

Pricing: School districts will usually set the pricing for all school within their district.  The pricing will often reflect an hourly rate for the gym itself, and also may require the renting team to pay for a custodian to clean up after the  rental or a school administrator to open and close the gym.  Typically pricing for a school gym will run $30-60/hour all-in to the renting team.

Contract: School districts will typically require a renting team to sign a contract with the district. This contract will clearly spell out that the team is liable for any damage to the gym.  It will also set up standard rules for using the school facilities.  These will entail no use of alcohol or tobacco on a school premise.

Insurance: School districts normally require all renters to carry insurance.  Usually this means the renting team needs liability coverage of at least $1,000,000.  Teams can typically get insurance coverage through their membership in organizations like the AAU or YBOA, or they can purchase insurance through independent providers.

Availability: once a team registers with the applicable school districts, they typically will have to work with an administrator at the school to find out about available times and make a reservation.

Payment: most school districts require full payment upfront for any bookings. That means if you want to book Monday night practice for 10 weeks, you might need to make a payment of $500-1,000 upfront to secure your reservation. Note that the school reserves the right to cancel your reservation at any time, though they will have to refund that portion of the fee you paid.

Conclusion: while a gym at a nearby school is often a great rental option for a travel basketball team, the process can be daunting.  Teams looking for help can now turn to sportalspace to manage the process.  Our team will help you identify an available gym, work through the contract and insurance process, and facilitate the payments.  We are here to help. Check us out at

Who is sportalspace?

I spent many years working with my son’s travel basketball teams in the Atlanta area.  Each year, his coaches struggled to find a consistent place for the team to practice or train.  Some of the coaches had a good hook-up at a school or rec park in their area, and others seemed to bounce from one location to the next as space became available.  A few times, I even got stuck as the team manager and then I found myself making dozens of calls to find a gym to rent.  It was a frustrating situation.

I thought their had to be a better way.  I am old enough to remember having to call around a bunch of restaurants every time I was looking for a dinner reservation.  Now I only use OpenTable. I even remember calling hotels or airlines to book a flight, and sitting on hold for hours.  Now younger folks probably think I am kidding about this problem with Expedia and Hotwire and the other websites.  When I went looking for an online solution to the gym rental problem, I couldn’t believe no one had jumped on this problem.  So I went ahead and solved it myself!

sportalspace was launched so that in a short time, older coaches will tell the younger ones, “I remember when I had to call 10 gyms just to find a place to practice”.  Those young coaches will just whip out their phone and laugh at the old guys.

Learn more on our website: